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Caravan Gas Heater Installation

Gas ducted heaters are a great option for your motor home or RV. They draw very little current from your 12 volt system, and consume only 16mj/h of gas. They produce very little noise in comparison to diesel heaters and rooftop mounted air conditioners/heaters. There is only one gas heater approved for installation in caravans in Australia. That is the Truma E2400 air heater. The E2400 is externally flued, meaning there is no carbon monoxide spilled into your living areas.


If you would like to have the Truma E2400 gas heater installed in your caravan, please call for an over the phone quotation. Factors that may vary the quotation include number of ducted outlets, location of batteries, heater, and the thermostat control switch and the size of your current copper gas line.

For installations into motorhomes, please contact a workshop that specialises in motorhomes.

Caravan Gas Heater Installation

I can supply and install the Dometic Truma E2400 gas heater for a competitive price in comparison to Caravan Workshops. I can also install your own supplied gas heaters, providing it is the AGA Approved Truma E2400 model.

All of my work is backed by a 12 month workmanship guarantee, along with the product warranty.

All wiring is completed by me on-site at your location (12 volt only).


Work can be carried out on site at your location, or you can come to visit Healesville and explore the township while I install the heater.

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