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Mobile Plumbing Service

The RV Plumber has extensive experience installing diesel heaters and gas heaters aftermarket in caravans. Other services provided include hot water changeovers to new units such as the Suburban gas electric auto ignition, and the new to Australian market Girard tankless gas instant hot water.

Please be aware that due to my current commitment to contracts with caravan manufacturers and dealerships, that my lead time for heater installations is about 3 months.

What Areas Do I Service?

We service most areas of outer Melbourne for Diesel Heater Installations and Gas Heater Installations and other large jobs.

Don Valley, Victoria

Why Us?

Why choose a specialist caravan plumber over a typical household plumber? For expert advice and product knowledge. Even though all gas plumbers in Australia are governed by the same regulations AS5601, typical gas fitters generally are not familiar with the section relating to mobile gas installations. In my experience I have come across a lot of work carried out on RVs done by household plumbers, their workmanship is fine, however their adherence to AS5601 in relation to caravans is often non existent. This is not always a major safety concern, but in some cases it has been.

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